Hormones and Weight Gain

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Maybe you’ve realized that excess weight seems to accumulate around your waistline and linger, in spite of your balanced way of life. Even hours of work out in a health and fitness center appears to have little influence. Your bone tissues, muscle tissue and knees and lower back begin to hurt. You experience a gradual reduction of vitality, experiencing tired after your normal house work and daily tasks. All of a sudden, you may notice the first indications of menopausal flashes – unexpected heat spikes that leave you tossing and turning from night sweats.Once you begin to note the signals and symptoms of menopause, you may merely have accepted them as part of the growing old process. The reality is, though, you’re not simply getting older – your bodily hormones have fallen out of balance. As you approach menopause, your body manages to lose the ability to manage vital hormones – such as estrogen, progesterone and even the male hormone testosterone – all essential for quality function and optimal health in ladies.

Most women do not understand the whole process of the change of life. Though the particular phrase “menopause” is often used as a cover assertion talking about all the stages of menopause change, menopause technically isn’t attained until menstrual cycles have totally ended for Twelve months. Nearly all women enter the menopause between the ages of 45 and fifty-five normally, because their bodies approach the end of fertility and ovulation ceases. However, some females experience earlier menopause, resulting from surgeries such as complete hysterectomies and total oopherectomies (the removal of the ovaries). Furthermore, about 1% of females in the country experience earlier change of life on setting prior to the age of forty because of autoimmune problems, cancers treatments, thyroid issues, as well as other medical reasons. When you enter menopause, your own ovaries yield less and less estrogen. Since estrogen is vital to a lot of life-sustaining functions, the body looks for additional places to produce necessary estrogen from. Fat cells can generate estrogen, so the human body reprograms on its own to convert calories into extra fat to help increase estrogen levels.

The most unusual characteristic of this menopausal weight gain is the fact that the fat cells all around the stomach and abdomen are the tissues that expand. A number of researchers think that hormone such as FSH energize the fat tissues to produce more estrogen’s which results in more and more enlargement as the ovaries fail. Few females will go through the menopausal transition without having incurring at least moderate weight gain. Up to 90% of women will certainly encounter some amount of excess fat gain between the ages of forty five and 55 as they enter menopause, and on average they will likely acquire between 12 and 20 pounds during this time of time.

Because the 800 Calorie HCG diet increases metabolism and burns belly fat it is ideal for women who have gained weight during the menopause.
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Author: Richard Lipman MD
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