What Do Probiotics Do?

So, what are probiotics all about? Probiotics are the good germs. The body is an ecosystem with millions of bacteria aiding digestion, manufacturing food for the body, killing unfriendly bacteria and maintaining balance with fungi. When our ecosystem is out of balance, the immune system may not function properly, yeast infections occur and you may have problems with your digestive system. Probiotics, a dose of good germs, is a recently recognized treatment for some of our problems. Ellie Metchnikoff, a…

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Stop Weight Loss Resistance

Are You Having Problems With weight Loss? Check This Out: Weight Loss Wars – Mars vs. Venus Men generally have it easier when it comes to weight loss. Evolution has designed their bodies to resist fat accumulation, and to practically melt off the fat at a moment’s notice, or so it seems, but compared to the fat lady who has to sing for her supper, men have it easy. Women were not meant to lose weight. Not according to nature…

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