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Q & A:


Q1.What’s the APP names
A1. wearfit
Q2.Will this fitness tracker show push notifications? whatsapp, facebook.
A2.Yes. you need open APP messagre notifications in the APP firstly 
Q3.Why does the pedometer not count steps when I have already started walking?

A3.To reduce errors, smart watch usually sets an initial value of 10, it will count steps when we walk more than 10 steps. The APP will show the real walking steps and start counting from step 10.

Q4.Can i change the strap of the smart bracelet ? 
A4.Yes !You can buy extra strap from link
Q5.What can I do if Bluetooth cannot connect?
1. Make sure your phone Bluetooth and operative system are within the range that the smart watch supports;
2. Check the phone Bluetooth connection recording, clear it if there are too many recordings, then reconnect it;
3. Check whether the smart watch has enough battery, put it as close as possible to the phone, less than 10 meters.
Q6.Why the device cannot boot or start up properly?
A6.Please charge your new device for at least 10 minutes or more before the first usage, this ensures normal device boot and optimal operation. For devices with removable batteries, ensure they are properly installed before charging.
Q7.How to switch language? 
the clock are global version , 95% icon + 5% English abbreviations ,the Languagecan’t be changed, but it easy to understand
The APP support multilingual ,You can switch the language in the phone “settings”
Q8.What is the delivery time ?
Poland (10-20 days), Brazil (30-40 days), Russia (15–25 days), France (9-15 days), Korea (7-15 days), Netherlands (10-15 days), 
United Stated (10-20 days), Turkey (10-25 days), Spain (10-15 days), United Kingdom (10-15 days). 

Fitness Tracker Pedometer LERBYEE Waterproof Bluetooth Activity Tracker Sports Bracelet Smart Band Wristband Fitness Watch with Touch Screen Health Sleep Monitor for iPhone Android Phones