Subject: Announce Your Plan

When you start a , you’ll find there are many you need to make and many that will combine to ultimately decide your fate, your success or failure.
Some of these though you might not even realize are important. A good example is your decision to tell about your diet or not. And actually, there are a lot of reasons for and against. Ultimately the decision is going to be yours but we can at least compare the pros and cons of each here.

Why You Shouldn’t Tell People About Your Diet

One reason you might expect it to be a good idea to tell people about your diet, is that you may think it would encourage you and make you psychologically more inclined to stick at it. This seems to make sense on the face of it but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that it doesn’t quite end up that way.
Why? Well according to some studies, the problem is that telling people your goals can cause a kind of psychological release. The issue is that as soon as we tell people about what we have planned, we can end up feeling as though we’ve already achieved that goal.
Simply telling people you’re going to weight, give up smoking or travel the world makes it a part of your identity and gives you the social approval. Suddenly, the impetus to actually go through with that plan has now been reduced!
Another problem is that telling people about your diet places a lot of pressure on you. And while this may seem again like a good thing, it can actually end up having a negative effect if you start to slip a little.
Suddenly, any setbacks or slip-ups are now going to be things that you have to own up to and this makes it quite hard for you not to just pack it all in. Likewise, if you tell people you’re going to lose and then stay the same shape, this can actually be quite embarrassing!

Why You Should Tell People About Your Diet

On the flip side though, there are a lot of reasons to tell people as well.
One good one is that your friends and family may be encouraging. Having people cheering you on and encouraging you is a great feeling and this is something that’s worth aiming for.
Likewise, if you tell people about your diet, you’ll find that it removes some that could otherwise lead to a slip up. The most obvious example of this is eating out but there are others too such as being given chocolates or candy by your friends and family. If people know you’re on a diet, they should try to avoid putting you in these difficult situations.
Finally, if you tell people about your diet plans, you may find that this leads to others getting on board with you. Having a diet/gym buddy can make a world of difference!